What You Bought and Loved Last Month (Spoiler Alert: It Includes The Best, Insanely Affordable Sweatshirt Ever)

What You Bought and Loved Last Month (Spoiler Alert: It Includes The Best, Insanely Affordable Sweatshirt Ever)

We recommended HUNDREDS of products in the 28 days we had in February, but there were 10 products that everyone unanimously loved and bought a lot of. So it’s true, our “what you bought last month” post is BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. Lots of them are beauty/self-grooming products which is probably a mix of our human desire to perform “self-care” and also the desire to smell good (glad I’m not alone in that) BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. My favorite zero-calorie beverage may have also made the list. So if you’re curious about what everyone bought and loved, scroll through and see the top sellers in February.

Starting out in last place at the big double-digit #10, we have…

I was shocked to see this make the list because I didn’t think people buy perfume on the internet often (and a pretty pricey one at that) but it turns out if someone tells you it smells amazing and the reviews also tell you it smells amazing, you have a pretty good shot at loving it. I got a sample of this in the mail and boy oh BOY was I into it. If you’re looking for a good perfume rec, check out the link up where I recommended this in because the comments tell you everything you need to know about every single perfume on the internet.

Em has had this jacket for 3 years and counting and she STILL wears it on the reg. I totally get why this sold so well…a chilly weather-approved workout jacket that you also love wearing for most outdoor activities is one of those things everyone should invest in and it doesn’t get much better than this one.

This paper towel holder is not only cute, but it’s affordable and I believe it makes home a better place. This came from our post about our favorite practical household items, check it out if you missed it! There are some REALLY useful items in there I never knew I needed.

AHA I mean HAHAHA. I had no clue this would get so many purchases, but YOU GUYS. Peach honey AHA is the best sparkling water ever. It beats the shit out of any Spindrift, La Croix, or Buble flavor I’ve ever had and that says a lot because I’m obsessed with all of those sparkling waters. Take it from me, the sparkling water connoisseur…you gotta try this one! OH and side note. When I said I drink 12 cans of these a day in this link up, please know that was an exaggeration. I don’t actually drink that many. It was a joke 🙂

If you missed Caitlin’s how to take the best shower ever post, then please run over to read it (and fair warning: you will pee yourself laughing). It’s one of the most epic posts to ever have been featured on this blog and it includes the very amazing. PS This was first an Emily recommendation so that’s TWO huge stamps of approval.

Caitlin swears by this $8 underarm soap from Megababe –– especially after switching to natural deodorant –– she’s on an eternal quest to make them smell like nothing all the time and she said this helps A LOT. I just bought it too and cannot wait to try.

I was so happy to see my friend’s new Etsy shop made it on this list!! If you haven’t yet, check out Groovy Luna Jewelry. They have such cute earrings…I have the square hoops on the right and wear them every single day but I also love these moon/star earrings. Sooo cute.

This dress is on a MAJOR sale ($108 to $64) and it’s one we’ve all been eyeing for a looooong time. 10/10 in the midi dress department and perfect for spriiiiiing! There aren’t too many sizes left, so snag this QUICK.

Caitlin’s products are all over this list because everything she recommends is so good and this wellness journal is no different. They have about 1,000 different designs and they’re all SO cute, so you can pick the one that’s the most “you.” I just ordered one and I can’t wait to use it.

As the greatest steal in 2021, we’re not too surprised to see this $18 ball of comfy up here at the top of the list. It’s cute, it’s cropped (but not too cropped), makes you feel cool without trying, and comes in A TON of different colors. Jess, no joke, now has FIVE. They’re all so good and the price is truly unbeatable. Way to go, Jess! Oh and if you are into tie-dye you are in luck:)

Thanks everyone for reading this post. Short and sweet…we’ll see you next month for March’s top sellers! So long, farewell. Xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: 11 Ways To Pull Together A Dreamy Bedroom Suite

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